Outbound Learning


  • Kurt Hahn, a German educational psychologist, formalised OBL in the 1930s. Indian Corporates have in recent years adopted OBL in wilderness locations as an effective tool to strengthen teamwork with evident success.
  • OBL is about learning, enrichment, leisure, and fun in the midst of pure nature. The objective of OBL is to arouse amongst participants Core Values such as courage, trust, integrity, compassion & cooperation.
  • Capacities of body & mind are realised through exercises related to teamwork, physical fitness, mental alertness, tenacity, self reliance, nature craft & eco protection.

  • Outbound learning is led by senior ranking retired military officers and supported by wildlife experts, trainers, guides and junior instructors.
  • Ideal setting for Outbound Training, being in the midst of pure nature.
  • Appropriate infrastructure and training aids.
  • Carefully crafted programs for leadership and team building; delivering inspiring, transformative experiences combining learning and fun.
  • Testimonials of business clients vouching for the effectiveness and engaging experiences of Learning programs.


  • Series of several challenging obstacles – Commando Bridge, Teeter Wobble, Net Scramble, Burma Bridge, Langur Walk conducted as a thrilling team building initiative.
  •  Several Team Bonding Initiatives (Fun team games).
  • Survival techniques in wilderness – shelter, fire, food, water and guts.
  • Long Treks in the Hills/Forest.
  • Zip lining, Tribal archery, Rock climbing/rappelling.
  • Bonfire.
  • Surprise events if we find your group in an energetic state.

(Activities included will depend upon the number of days spent by the group)


  • Corporates
  • Universities
  • Other learning groups

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