Jungle Lore

The aim of our Jungle Lore capsules will be to foster, especially in the city bred folks, an awareness of the intricate delicacy of the balance in nature and its fragility. This will enable invoking the spirit of belonging and respect for the jungle and its denizens. The tourist will be encouraged to enjoy and indeed celebrate nature harmoniously and unobtrusively, following the Honour Code of the jungle to take back nothing but photographs and memories.

Interest will be created to convert people – seniors and juniors – into genuine wildlife enthusiasts. Films will be screened for an initial introduction to the flora and fauna including insects of Himachal followed by “practicals” orchestrated by experienced guides along forest trails. Some typical aspects are highlighted here:-


Identification of Trees such as pine, bluepine, rhododendron, oaks, orchids, shrub flora, climbers, ferns and lichens.


Early morning and evening treks around local game trails for sightings of barking deer, goral, kalij, and cheed (pine) pheasants and other local fauna. Since the essence of the wild can be truly experienced when dusk descends, visitors will be taken to sit out in hides for an hour or two, and hopefully tune on to the myriad calls, from the awe – inspiring “saw” of the leopard, the “bell” of the sambhar, the “bark” of the muntjac, the “hoots and honks” of night birds to the shrill accompaniment of the cicada and a host of other sounds, leaving indelible memories.

Insects and Butterflies

An introduction to the world of insects, including a brief insight into species such as cicada and the tiger beetle, harbingers of jungle bio-diversity and identification of locally available butterflies of some 300 types found in Himachal.

Survival Techniques and Living Off the Land

In order to kindle a spirit of adventure and discovery, instructors will impart training in basic survival techniques, river crossing using simple expedients and living off the land. Distinguishing between poisonous and edible varieties of berries and plants will give visitors an interesting insight to nature. Scout training, pitching tents and bivouacs, building a fire, types of knots on ropes and handling of snake / insect bite will be done to instil self confidence.