Trek Brogshila


Barog-Shimla Hills Country Trek  ( BROGSHILA )

The Barog-Shimla Country Trek is a country trek for active people of all ages – nicknamed BROGSHILA. We take you on a wonderful journey through hill villages, linking pine forests, mixed forests, meadows, temples, streams, farms & springs. The trail spans two famous districts of HP. This dynamic region is rich in history, culture & natural beauty to be explored round the year.


Here is what you get:


Stay at Pine Hills Eco Camp, Barog.

Preparations for trek, limbering up.

Breaking the ice at Bonfire.

Day-2, Day-3 & Day-4

With thumping excitement, take off for BROGSHILA.

Pass through differing shades of country-side.

Night stay in tents/village homes. Trekkers local gourmet fare.


Trek along trail offering a new experience of nature’s beauty.

Transit from country to the town – an extraordinary experience.

Stay overnight in Shimla. (Or opt to peel off from this program)

Paint the town red independently. Organize your own favourite dinner.


You are on your own till 1500 Hours. Meet at RV for transportation to Barog.

Evening Break-Up bash at Campfire at Pine Hills Eco Camp.


Goodbyes after breakfast

You have the active presence of senior military officers, wildlife experts, trainers & guides all the time with you.


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Our Mantra: Fun & Safe Enjoyment in Nature’s Lap